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Sit How

You Want / 2018

Power and sex take center stage in Robin Richardson’s formidable third collection, Sit How You Want. Plane crashes and automobile mishaps are the backdrop for female narrators who grapple with terror, anxiety, and powerlessness: “When I say I’m fine I mean the sky has opened / like an old wound under scurvy.” In their often grim wit, sinister straight talk, and sometimes violent bawdiness, Richardson’s poems work as counter-charms against the lingering trauma of abusive relationships, both familial and romantic. The book embodies a belief in poetry as an instrument of change, a tool for transforming pain into exuberant verbal energy: “It is the thrill of ruination / makes us innovate.”

"Robin Richardson’s poems take no prisoners, have a strange and authentic music all their own, and mark her... as one of the best young poets of her generation." -Thomas Lux


Try Not To Get Too Attached / Art and Poetry, Book*Hug Press, 2019

Sit How You Want Full-length collection of poems, Signal Editions. 2018

Selected Poems / Eyewear Publishing. UK. 2019

Knife Throwing Through Self-Hypnosis Full-length collection, ECW Press, Sept. 2013

Grunt of the Minotaur / Full-length collection, Insomniac Press. 2011


Best Canadian Poetry: 2018 / Disembodied at the Botanical Gardens

Best Canadian Poetry. 2013  / Second Annual Symposium of Indignity

The Poet’s Quest for God: 21st Century Poems of Spirituality
Eyewear Publishing. UK / We're Just Beasts with Big Brains

Imaginarium: Best Canadian Speculative Writing. 2015 / Knife Throwing Through Self-Hypnosis


Trillium Book Award for Poetry - Winner- 2019
MacDowell Colony Fellow - 2019
Berton House Fellow - 2020
The Puritan's Mortan Memorial Prize - Longlist - 2017
Fortnight Poetry Prize - Winner - 2017
Arc Poem of the Year - Finalist - 2017
Prism Grouse Grind Lit Prize - Longlist - 2017
Doris McCarthy Fellow- Two month residency - 2017
cosmonauts Avenue poetry prize - Shortlist - 2017
Walrus Poetry Prize - Shortlist - 2014
Lemon Hound Poetry Prize - Shortlist - 2014
CBC Poetry Prize -Shortlist - 2013
Arc Poem of the Year - Shortlist - 2013
Relit - Shortlist - 2012
Joan T Baldwin Award - 2011
John B. Santorini Award (Academy of American Poets) - 2011



SALON / The only rule is that there are no rules

Hazlitt / Harvey

JOYLAND / The Mother, The daughter, and The Holy Capitalist / nominated by Joyland for the 2018 Journey Prize


Partisan  / On the Founding of Minola Review

Film Inquiry  / on Joe Versus the Volcano

North American Review / The Unsympathetic Voice

Partisan Magazine / Last Night a Critic Changed my Life - on Leslie Jamison

Arc Poetry Magazine / Review - Cassidy McFadzean's Hacker Packer


Poetry Magazine  / The Most Expensive (2017), Matters of the Father (2018). Origin Story Ad Nauseam (forthcoming)

The American Poetry Review / The Art Of, The Teachers

Tin House / Little Robin Explains Growing Up / Yasmin

Berfrois / Stockholm Syndrome (forthcoming)

The Walrus / Outliving Ambition

Eyewear Fortnight Poetry Prize / Without a Roof

Riddle FenceThe Woman, The Quantum Approach, The Afterlife and all That 

Fiddlehead / The Law of Beating, Fear of Intimacy,  Intimacy and its repercussions

New Poetry / The Pendulum of Female Survival

ARC Poetry Magazine / The Matter of the Unconscious (Editor's Choice)

THE PURITAN Autobiography as a Child in Second Person / Disembodied at the Botanical Gardens

BerfroisThe Empathy Conundrum / At This Stage of our journey

HAZLITT / Without a Roof

ARC POETRY / Eventuality 

CBC POETRY SHORTLIST / Sit How You Want / Always End up Trusting Cary Grant / Earthquakes

The Mackinac / Trigger / And No, We Don't Go Easy

Cosmonauts Avenue / Such an ugly little duck 

No Tokens / Woodbine by the 401

The Rusty Toque / Sancho Panza in Soho / Future Perfect

Brooklyn Art Song Society / Selection of poems to be set to music by Andrew Staniland
and preformed internationally

Partisan  / Blue Beard for Beginners / He Named Her That Way

New Poetry / Eighty Six

CAROUSEL / Days of Being Wild / We're Just Beasts with Big Brains

Lemon Hound / A Hedgehog in the Kitchen Keeps the Cockroaches at Bay

ZOUCH Magazine / Tabloid / A Family Cure for Panic

North American Review / Sushi Date; a Demon at the Floodgates

Taddle Creek / Verity

Lemon Hound / Maybe Even Realer / Using Line to Measure Weirdness

Fjords / Abandoned Mannequin Plant / Vlad the Uninspired

Best Canadian Poetry 2013 / Second Annual Symposium of Indignity

Fiddlehead  / Inheritance / Wherever we Are

LRC - Literary review of Canada  / Early Illiteracy

Rusty Toque  / Nay / Portrait / Mercutio

Joyland  / Second Annual Symposium of Indignity / How Gods go on the Road

Unsaid / Salem / Thora the Pilgrim

The Malahat Review / Two poems

(The above is a selection of publications as of 2013. To find out about earlier releases please contact the author)