An ultimate structure will not be found

because it does not exist

- David Bohm






There is an old man playing with the eels he’s about to eat there is an old man striking his hand against a rod his skin is coming off his blood is in your eyes his hand will be useless all bone he is doing this to punish you there is a cliff no one else is willing to scale halfway to the top there is a hole and through the hole you see an old man a king a samurai slaughter his daughter there is an old man who keeps some thousand fragile brightly colored birds in four-inch cages wants to take you out to dinner there is an old man wielding an ax he wants your head there is a man putting a gun in your hand and telling you to shoot to kill there is a man storming the restaurant he has a gun he is shooting randomly he finds you says I need god to pay attention there is a prehistoric lion eating a regular lion you are at the bottom of the stairs at the top is a train and on the train you are cut repeatedly on the right arm with a blade held by a man there is a black panther on top of you in the largest room you’ve ever seen you sweep the room and once it’s clean it fills again with bees there are horses with no skin there is a man who is a slug who is stuck at the bottom of the stairs there are unicorns in the nightclub who turn to men when you straddle them who want to fuck you there’s a maggot in your leg he said you have to kill the elephant using only a straw full of water he said we had to get matching tattoos he dressed up as Predator and there were five of him in the theatre at the top of the stairs you were afraid to see the film he distracted you from the important little girl he keeps telling you it’s okay when we know it isn’t he is pushing you around in a shopping cart you get out and he breaks a dollar in half is angry you don’t care go outside and put on white fur feel strong he is plucking the hair from your temple he is bending you over he is feeding you drugs he is obstructing your view of the sky he left the record on for years you had to stop it





You’re on all fours in a happy family’s attic there are shackles you are shackled will be used there is no light save through the floorboards it’s the happy family’s light there is a pool underground there is a kraken in the pool you are submerged the kraken is inside you in ancient Rome you are a slave you pull the chariot in which the others play your hands are in the dirt mouth in the dirt the dirt is your lover the whip is your lover the pleasure the others indulge knows nothing of the ecstasy of labor in the Klondike you’re a wolf you fuck the other wolves shift from bitch to alpha you are every dog you fight your selves and fuck your selves your fur is perfect your fear of starvation is perfect your many wolf selves are the perfect sex you are dissolved in a ravine the water is a hand it holds you sucking off a sadist in the place he’s tied you up your legs are split he’s spitting in your mouth he calls you mud your name is mud your face is muddied by the stuff of labor you are clay they sculpt you hang you upside-down and lick you out of matter